During game play you may be required to wear long trousers and long sleeves to protect yourself from the bushes and nettles. This is purely at your own discretion and is not mandatory. This will also help lower the sting from the hits of the BB’s.

We also strongly advise that you wear some good boots to play in, flossy or sandals will not be allowed to play in.

Hats of all types are good and gloves maybe a good idea too but again this is all down to the player’s discretion. We do advise that you were clothes that are ok to get dirty and possibly ripped or snagged.

You do not have to wear DPM, MTP or army clothes, you can wear what you like but if you are wearing bright white clothes you will be seen like a running Christmas tree and attract a lot of BB’s.

Players must not be under the influence of alcohol, you will be asked to leave immediately for the safety of others and yourself.

The chain of command is set out for your safety and convenience, if you have a genuine complaint or problem we are there for you, there to make things right for you. We will listen to you but at the end of the day the DS have the final word.

Do's & Don'ts


Snipers will be allowed up to 500fps.

The 500fps limit will only apply to bolt-action rifles, not AEGs with full-auto disabled, and not semi-auto only AEGs such as the PSG-1. Semi-automatic rifles are not legal at 500fps.

Snipers must carry a secondary weapon or sidearm firing below 350fps.

Fire, should a fire break out you are to cease game play and await out for further instruction from the DS. If this is a small fire that can be easily stamped out this will be done so by the DS, anything bigger then you are to move away and follow any instructions.

Medical, unless fully qualified you are to leave any casualties alone, all DS are trained and will look after the casualties. If the DS has not seen the casualty you are to alert them immediately.

Members of the public/dog walkers that come in to your field of view within the site area then you are to shout “stop” at the top of your voice to alert everyone and then point this out to the nearest DS.

This will be made clearly on the morning safety brief


At the start of every game day there will be a mandatory safety brief for that day, you will also be asked to provide your eye protection for inspection or given a full face mask or safety glasses which must be worn at all times. If you are in the Green zone, which will be pointed out before play, then you may remove your safety glasses if cleared by DS.

Inside the Green zone all weapons will be unloaded and magazines will be removed from weapons, if you need to test fire a DS will point you in a safe direction.

AEG - 1.49J
bb mass____FPS

bb mass____FPS


ALL GUNS - 1.01J
bb mass____FPS


BB grenades and blank firing grenades will count as hit  but if they explode 5 metres away from you then you are safe, DS will normally indicate on these matters.

If you can get to hard cover (like a wall, door or sandbags) between you and the grenade then you are safe. A bush is not hard cover.

Blank firing grenades must only be used with 9mm blanks - 12 guage blanks are  permitted but only outdoors as they are too loud in confined spaces.

Any coloured smoke has no effect other than obscuring unless stated before game play. Thunderflashes count only as distraction, they have no effect in eliminating players.
Mark 9 thunderflashes & Mark 5 thunderflashes are fine to use on the Beacon site.

Should you wish to bring your own to the site you MUST inform any DS so that we can inspect the items. Beacon 155 prefere pyrotechnics from Enola Gaye or TLSFx but can accpet others after an inspection.

ALL new players will be shown by a member DS on safe handeling and safe use of any pyrotechnics.

Airsoft is an honesty  game and all about having fun. Unlike paintball there is no mark left by airsoft hits. Nothing ruins an airsoft game faster than players not taking hits. Please help us to provide top quality airsoft games by being an honest player.

We have a 3 strike rule in force, the first will be a friendly warning, the second will be a firm verbal warning and advised that your next strike will result in you be asked to leave the site.

We are not here to ruin your day but ensure that others are enjoying their game, you will only be given a strike for such reasons.

  • Not declaring your hits
  • Aggressively arguing with safety staff
  • Showing signs of aggression during time on site
  • Constantly removing eye protection during game time
  • Continually firing inside the safety distance on purpose

Gun hits and definite ricochets do not count as hits, but all other areas (head, equipment, mask, fingers, feet etc) do.
When you are hit, shout 'Hit' and raise your hand. Pending on the game played you are to either leave the game play area strainght away or get to the nearest Respawn point to start again.

Should you find that you are closer than 3m then you are to use a "Bang" kill, simple shout bang first and the kill is yours. But if you are a sniper then you can not engage anyone with a sniper rifle within 5m, thus eliminating the need for a bang kill.


Actions on

Beacon 155 reserve the right to chronograph any weapon at any time. Should you fall outside of the criteria then the weapon will not be allowed to be used for the rest of the day.