Walk on fee: £15.00
Weapon hire: £15.00 (Includes magazine & ammo: 2,000 approx)


Grenade £2.00
Thunder Flash £2.00
Smoke Grenade £2.50

O.H. Grenades £3.00
Bag of ammo (2,000 approx) £4

 - Arrive on site for around 0900Hrs

              - Safety Brief starts at 0930hrs Sharp         

                                  - First round down the range for 1000hrs                        

We stop for an hour lunch break so bring some grub with you or you can visit the shops that are close by.

Endex is called for around 1700hrs but this can be changed providing this is sorted out before the games day, Endex is also pending on how the last game runs. 

We hold game days on the 3rd Sunday of each month but you can book a game for when ever suits you and your team, we can round the troops up via Facebook or through your own works, company/group.

Skirmish days:- Set tasks or missions to be completed at any means or cost, last man standing is the best description.

Team Challenge:- For two teams. Task based challenges against the clock.

Combat missions:- Military Simulations type games. Entire day based upon a military scenario.

If you intend to attend at any day, please contact us on the contact page. Please include details of any hire weapons/ Ammo or pyro's required.

You can also jump on Facebook and ask questions or find out whats going on next.

Costs and Fees