•We at Beacon 155 want to make your day the way you want it, should you want a full on tactical day with battle simulation missions or a great fun day with your work colleagues on a team building exercise and make sure you show them who really is the boss.

•All DS are first aid trained and either Ex-military or Cadet instructors as well as DBS cleared so we can cater for a wider range of age groups, we do tend to ask that players under the age of 14 operate within the same age group and that we also get some form of consent from a parent/guardian which can be given upon request, DS will not dictate your game play and will only intervene IF there is a safety breach.

•We have a nice big mixed terrain area including a nice hill which gives you a total experience of real life battle simulation, no longer will you be a thumb warrior on the computer but a battle harden vet.